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A Guide to Select the Best Submersible Pump For Your Home

Submersible Pump for Home

Installing a durable submersible pump at home is very essential to facilitate a persistent water flow for countless domestic purposes. A steadfast submersible pump for domestic use is great for propelling the right water pressure to fetch water from a borewell, watering a lawn, and so much more. Today, a myriad of submersible pumps are available in the market, making it challenging to pick the most reliable one for use at your home.

We present to you a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to contemplate while purchasing the best submersible pump for your home. Keep reading!

What is Submersible Pump?

Submersible pumps are designed to completely immerse in a borewell or open well to pump out water. These pumps operate by forcing water up to the surface or above the earth, to the place of usage, in stages. The pump is connected to a prime mover, which is usually an electric motor.

Examine the Specifications:

After you’ve decided on the sort of submersible pump you want, you’ll need to look at the specifications. This is an equally vital aspect since your house water pump should be capable of delivering a sufficient volume of water at the required pressure. Here are some criteria to check for and what they mean:

Flow rate:

The flow rate, often known as the discharge rate, is measured in liters per minute (LPM). This is the quantity of water pumped in a certain length of time. The faster it pumps, the higher it is. A home normally requires between 100 and 200 LPM.


That’s the amount of electrical power required by the pump when it is in operation, and it is measured in kilowatts (kW) and horsepower (HP). Most pumps require between 0.5 and 1.5 horsepower, with some, such as inline circulation pumps, requiring as low as 0.16 horsepower. This will vary based on the pump’s other characteristics, but in general, as the volume of water produced and head range rise, so does the power.

The size of the inlet:

Most pumps have an intake size of 1 to 6 inches, however, they can be larger in specific situations. In such a situation, the larger the size of an input valve, the more water the pump can push out and the faster it can complete the task.

The maximum pressure and head:

The maximum head of a submersible pump is the greatest distance in terms of the height that the pump can pump water. In general, the type of pump you select should have a maximum head greater than the height from which you intend to pump the water. This is expressed in meters.

The quality of the pump:

It is critical to determine the quality of the pump. The engine or motor can also inform you about the pump’s quality. Undertake the required research and surveys to evaluate the performance of a submersible pump.

Characteristics of the house:

To get a perfect fit, you must first determine the characteristics of your home. A pump of 100 – 150 watts is considered adequate for use in a 2-story townhouse with 2-3 bathrooms. Alternatively, if it is a two-story detached house with a kitchen, garden, and bathroom with hot water for up to three rooms, as well as a point with more water taps than a townhouse. You could use a water pump rated between 200 and 250 watts. Because it can withstand more water. It ensures that the water pressure is equal at all points and that there are no issues with slow or soft water flow, for example.

Assess the Pump Warranty:

When purchasing a domestic water pump, you should also look into the warranty options. Because they have a motor and can be complicated, if something goes wrong with your water pump, you should be able to contact a professional who can assist you. All submersible pumps for domestic use at Unnati Pumps Pvt. Ltd. come with a 12-month warranty. We also have service centers in every state, and you can contact us if you have any issues with our domestic pumps.

Wrapping Up!

This guide covers all of the essential information for selecting a good submersible pump for your home. Take it and analyze what you should choose before purchasing an electric water pump to ensure you get the best and most appropriate pump for your home. Unnati Pumps is the best choice if you need an automatic pump at a great price with special offers; you will surely get the right pump at a reasonable price.

Are you thinking of installing the best quality submersible pump at your home? You can find a melange of durable submersible pumps for domestic use at Unnati Pumps. Our water pumps have not only been designed with these needs in mind but also to be more durable and deliver a steadfast performance with low power consumption. Explore our full range of domestic pumps. Contact us now or request a quote to get the best deal ever.