Submersible Pumps Cable

We, Unnati Pumps Pvt. Ltd. manufacture submersible pump cables that provide power to underwater pumps and irrigation motors. Our submersible pump cables are feasible to use in harsh terrain and environments since they are resistant to water, oil, sunlight, and all types of weather. Our submersible pump cables are designed from bright-annealed 99.7% pure bare flexible copper conductors.

At Unnati Pumps, we manufacture all submersible pumps cables according to the IS:694 standards. A special grade of PVC is used as an insulator on the conductors. The external sheath of the submersible cables is made of PVC compound which prevents abrasion and ingress of water, grease, oil etc.

The cables come with a good level of flexibility, mechanical protection and abrasion resistance. We guarantee you that our cables are strong, performance and durable. For more information, contact Unnati Pumps Pvt. Ltd. to buy submersible cables.

Why Choose US?

According IS: 694 standard
Quality Assurance
Energy Efficiency
Wide range of selection
Resistant to external factors

Performance Range Description / Moc Downloads

Technical Specification

Operating Temp:- -20’C to Max. +80’C

Nominal Voltage : 1100 Volts

Test Voltage : 3000 Volts

Min. Bending radius : 6x Cable Diameter

Flame retardant test: As per IEC 60332-1


Excellent Insulating electrical & Mechanical properties

Abrasion – Oil & Moisture resistant

Operates at unfriendly field conditions dry or wet.

Durable & long Lasting

The electrolytic cathode of 99.97% purity

IS standard conductors (IS 8130:1984) and IS Standard PVC Insulation (IS 5831:1984).

Higher capacity of carrying electrical current to withstand voltage fluctuations and power overload

The maximum temperature of the conductor in PVC is 70°C

Cable Structure

Generally conforms to IS 694, IEC 60227

Copper : EC grade flexible copper conductor

Generally conforms to IEC 60228, IS 8131

Insulation : PVC insulation compound TI-1


Used in induction motors

Submersible Cables