Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps

Complete Line of Solar Pumps

At Unnati Pumps, our primary objective is to deliver the best solution to our clients based upon their customized needs. Through a large collection of solar pumps, we bring various environment-friendly, efficient, and simple pumping devices to fulfil the varying needs of our clients.

They can run quietly and have high-suction capacity. They are suitable for a variety of applications, such as pumping out slurry or sewage, drainage or industrial pumping purposes. We use water-lubricated bearings in our Monoblock pumps. There is no need for a separate foundation or pump house. These pumps operate underwater. Hence, they are not fitted with a foot valve and need no priming. Our pumps are developed by using cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of every industry worldwide, making us the trusted Open Well Monoblock Pumps exporter.

Our solar pumps can discharge up to 171000 LPD of water every day. They can pump more water if the sun shines brightly. However, they remain functional even in cloudy weather. The Photovoltaic modules (main power source of solar pumps) have no moving parts. Hence, they last for years without requiring any maintenance. A solar pump’s system operates on DC power. Their output differs depending upon the rate of sunshine or changes in climatic conditions. These pumps are fitted with advanced remote monitoring technology. Thus, users can monitor the condition and status of the system from distance. They can set the pumping schedule and determine the speed of flow or water pressure using the integrated online function.

We are a top Solar Pumps manufacturer who brings to you 14 different models of solar pumps (starting from 1 hp to 10-hp). The measurement of the dynamic head may be 30-MTR, 50-MTR, 70-MTR and 100-MTR. The pump can discharge up to 171000-LPD of water and are available in varying PV-array capacity.

Benefits of Solar Water Pumps

  • Lasts for years and maintains high efficiency
  • Not depend upon Electricity and reduce CO2 Consumption.
  • Designed to work in harsh conditions or in remote locations
  • Cost-effective repair and servicing due to modular design
  • Water filled motors offer reliability and absence of oil contamination
  • Easy to install
  • Spare parts availability at a cost-effective range
  • Wide variety of pumps for maximum efficiency irrespective of the application

Features of Solar Water Pumps

  • Ideal for daytime irrigation and for all locations (especially for the places where electricity is unavailable)
  • Can discharge water continuously for 6-8 hours/day in clear Sunny day.
  • Maintenance-free water-pumps that are easier to install
  • Fitted with advanced remote monitoring technology, various online functions, and protection from short-circuit/over-current/over-voltage/under-voltage
  • Fitted with lighting arrestor and ground earthing kit

Applications of Solar Pumps

  • Deep irrigation & other types of irrigation system
  • Sprinkler system
  • Lowering groundwater
  • Fountains
  • Tank/Cistern filling

Product Range of Solar Pumps

AC/DC Surface Pumps

Pumps are fitted with high-efficiency motor which has wide voltage range and built-in protection features against overheating and overloading. The built-in features enable the motor to continuously monitor the load condition or voltage.

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DC Solar Submersible Pumpset

We offer energy-efficient DC solar submersible Pumpset with cutting-edge technology equipped with BLDC & PMSM and photovoltaic Solar panels with a minimum service of 20 years.

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AC Solar Submersible Pumps

Durable & Efficient AC Solar Submersible Pumps are fitted with energy-efficient inverter-duty motor.

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