Submersible Control Panels

Submersible Control Panels

An Overview of Submersible Control Panels

Control panels for submersible pumps are fitted with power components that control the motor’s function, with sensors that protect the pump as well as with pilot devices for operator control. At Unnati pumps, our control panels are equipped with the latest technological features and provide dry-run protection, short-circuit protection and overload protection. They are also fitted with energy-efficient applications and heavy-duty start-run capacitors.

Features of Unnati Control Panels

  • Fitted with overload protection
  • Fitted with high-performance condensers/capacitors ensure smooth running and starting
  • High-end control-panel accessories to ensure lifelong operation.
  • MS powder-coated enclosure provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • Ammeter evaluates the motor current
  • Heavy-duty capacitors to start and run the motor; are easy to change or add.
  • Microcontroller based software technology
  • Air-sealed and DC coil-based power relay ensures longevity
  • Dust-proof PCB enclosure with connectors
  • Protection from high and low voltage
  • The shock-proof and rust-proof moulded panel box is made of engineering plastic
  • Accurate trip-time that stays unaffected by temperature or voltage at site

Product Range of Submersible Control Panels

Control Panels

Our Submersible control panels can protect a pump from over-current, short-circuit, single-phasing conditions, unbalanced phase conditions or phase reversal. These control panels can effectively reduce the starting torque and inrush current after switching on a motor.

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