Open Well Monoblock Pumps

Open Well Monoblock Pumps

We Bring to You a Wide Range of Openwell Monoblock Pumps

Unnati Pumps Pvt. Ltd. is an Open Well Monoblock Pumps supplier, offering a range of well-designed and innovative pumping solutions. Our Openwell Monoblock pumps are built with premium-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion and to ensure long-lasting service.

They can run quietly and have high-suction capacity. They are suitable for a variety of applications, such as pumping out slurry or sewage, drainage or industrial pumping purposes. We use water-lubricated bearings in our Monoblock pumps. There is no need for a separate foundation or pump house. These pumps operate underwater. Hence, they are not fitted with a foot valve and need no priming. Our pumps are developed by using cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of every industry worldwide, making us the trusted Open Well Monoblock Pumps exporter.

Salient Features of Openwell Monoblock Pumps

  • Balanced rotating parts for noise-free operation.
  • Flat efficiency curve ensures efficient operation.
  • Non-overloading power features ensure the safety of the motor.
  • Fitted with replaceable wearing parts and a gun-metal bushing that requires no maintenance.
  • A foot valve or priming is not required.
  • Durable and water-cooled motors can be rewound.
  • The pump is fitted with a single shaft and the motor has permanent correct line alignment.
  • No need for foundation or installation.
  • The motor body is made of stainless steel

Design and Application of Openwell Monoblock Pumps

Our Openwell Monoblock pumps are fitted with water-lubricated bearings and the squirrel-cage induction motor (water-lubricated and water-cooled). These pumps are suitable for:

  • Industrial/public/domestic water-supply schemes
  • Lift irrigation
  • Drip/sprinkler irrigation
  • Firefighting
  • Booster pumping
  • Ornamental fountain installation
  • Air-conditioning plants
  • Dewatering of mines

Product Range of Open Well Monoblock Pumps

Vertical Multi-Stage Open Well Pumpset

High water discharge rates and reduced power consumption are obtained by Unnati Pumps’ vertical multi-stage open well pump sets which have high operational efficiency.

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Horizontal Open Well Pumpset

Unnati Pumps’ horizontal open well pump sets are ideal for underwater applications.

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  • Domestic
  • Construction & Building
  • Industrial