Surface Water Pumps

Surface Water Pumps

Manufacturer and Exporter of Surface Water Pumps

Surface water pumps, as the name indicates, are installed on the surface of the water. They are engineered for water sources that are less than 8 meters deep.

Unnati Pumps offers you an array of durable and high-performing surface pumps. With decades of experience in manufacturing different types of pumps and motors to satisfy the needs of various clients, you will receive only high-end products in all categories.

Our surface water pumps are fitted with advanced technological features to prevent overloading. Thus, there is no risk of the motor getting overloaded at any point. They have excellent suction lift capacity as they are close-coupled. These pumps work without any vibration as they have dynamically balanced rotating parts, which also increases the life cycle of bearings.

Best Quality Surface Water Pumps to Supply Water from Any Place

The groundwater levels are in decline in many parts of this country and around the water due to misuse of water. In this scenario, it is essential to use water pumps for industrial, agricultural, and residential purposes. Unnati Pumps gives you surface water pumps and motors fitted with advanced technological features ensuring efficiency, longevity, and low power consumption.

We bring to you a wide collection of surface pumps to cater to your varying needs. Using our pumps, you can mine and transfer water from remote locations or from places where the groundwater level is difficult to access. Our surface pumps can be used to supply water to an agricultural field, industrial facilities, or an entire town.

Our pumps can pull water from the rock bottom of the ground and drive the water up to the topmost floor of a multi-storied building with equal efficiency. The surface water pumps are divided into two categories,

  • Centrifugal Pumps: It works on the principles of hydraulics and in the field of centrifugal forces. Centrifugal pumps can be used for industrial, agricultural, and domestic uses.
  • Self-Priming Pumps: They are installed partially or totally above the water level. Self-priming pumps work by removing air before beginning their pumping operations. They can be used in residential and commercial settings.
  • Shallow Well Pumps: Shallow good pumps are designed to pump up to 15 gallons of water in a minute. They can be installed to draw water from a lake or well for domestic applications.

The surface water pumps manufactured in India by Unnati Pumps are equipped with advanced thermal overload protection systems. It prevents the motor from burning out at lower voltage and ensures safe operation.

Installations, Applications and Performance

Surface pumps are ideal for clean water and/or for a fluid that is not aggressive for a pump’s components. The sturdiness and reliability of these pumps make them suitable for industrial, agricultural and civil applications. These heavy-duty pumps are designed to work in the most demanding scenarios and can be interchanged with other standardized pumps.

You can easily dismantle the pumps without disconnecting the body from the pipeline. Hence, they are useful in different scenarios. At Unnati Pumps, we have a collection of surface water pumps wherefrom you can select the right model based on your needs. These pumps are supposed to run continuously, and correct selection is essential to lower the consumption of power.

Characteristics of Surface Water Pumps

  • The body of the pump is made of cast iron
  • The pump has flanged sections and delivery ports
  • The pump is fitted with a centrifugal radial flow type cast-iron impeller
  • The motor shaft is made of stainless steel
  • The mechanical seal is made of ceramic and graphite
  • Surface pumps are directly connected to an efficient and asynchronous motor of the right size. The motor is closed and fitted with external ventilation. This motor can run quietly and continuously.

Product Range of Surface Water Pumps

Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps

Unnati Pumps’ Centrifugal Monoblock pumps are built with compact pumping systems that have the benefits of placing the prime mover and pump jointly on the same shaft.

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Shallow Well Jet Pumps

Unnati Pumps brings efficient shallow-well jet pumps made from cast-iron. It can quickly pump up to 15 gallons of water per minute. It undergoes multiple manufacturing tests to ensure efficient and durable performance.

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