Mini Monoblock Pumps

Mini Monoblock Pumps

We are a Prominent Mini Monoblock Pump Manufacturers in India

We, Unnati Pumps Pvt Ltd, offer superior quality mini monoblock pumps that are efficient and reliable for domestic purposes. The single-phase pump offers a longer lifespan, lower operating costs, and higher efficiency. It has a large body and a sturdy frame. In addition, our product is simple to set up and maintain, and it delivers excellent results.

Why choose us?

  • Affordable rates
  • Reliable and proficient in a demanding environment
  • Warranty Policy
  • Optimum quality materials are used in manufacturing
  • Stainless steel jackets protect motors from water and rust formation
  • BSI and ISI Certification Marking

Our mini monoblock pumps are self-priming monoblock pumps with capacities of 0.5 HP and 1 HP. Our products are lightweight and portable. It is incredible to operate and can sustain high operational pressures. This pump runs on an energy-efficient motor that consumes less power.

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The Features of Our Mini Monoblock Pumps

  • Accurate Cast Iron Castings
  • portability and ease of maintenance
  • It is easy to install and light in weight
  • In-built Non-Return Value (N.R.V)
  • In-built Thermal Overload Protector (T.O.P)
  • Motor frame made of extruded, die cast, or cast iron
  • TEFC Capacitor Start & Run Motor with ‘B’ Class insulation
  • Pleasing look with a great finish

Product Data

  • Power Range: 0.37Kw to 3.2 M3/K
  • Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Voltage Range: 140 to 220V
  • Discharge: Maximum 4000 Iph
  • Head: 4.0 Mtr to 40 Mtr
  • Motor Type: High Torque Capacitor start and Capacitor Run motor

Applications for use

  • Domestic water supply
  • Lawn or garden watering
  • In residential dwellings or apartments, water is transferred from an underground sump to overhead tanks
  • Domestic pressure-boosting
  • High-pressure curing water supply at construction sites
  • Appropriate portable application

Product Range of Mini Monoblock Pumps

Self Priming Pumps

Our self-priming Monoblock pumps have a discharge capacity of up to 60-lpm. They have been designed for wide-voltage operation.

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  • Agriculture
  • Domestic
  • Construction & Building
  • Industrial