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Differentiating AC Solar Submersible Pumpset from DC Solar Submersible Pumpset

Differences between AC and DC Solar Submersible Pumpset

AC Solar Submersible Pumpset and DC Solar Submersible Pumpset are used for a variety of applications, and both have their perks depending on the use case. AC Solar Submersible Pumpset use alternating current as their power source, which is available on almost every power grid. An inverter can also be used in a situation where the power source is DC. DC Solar Submersible Pumpset, on the other hand, require Direct Current to operate, which is derived from solar panels.
There are several points to keep in mind when selecting a pump for an application:

  • Flow Rate required in litres/sec or litres/Day
  • Pumping duration
  • Water Level
  • Loss due to friction in pipe and fittings
  • Total dynamic head
  • Power source available
  • Affordability
  • Distance between the water source and outflow

Once we have established our requirements, we need to understand the key differences between AC and DC Solar Submersible Pumpset, their functioning, advantages and what pump is most suitable for your specific needs.

AC Solar Submersible Pumpset

AC Solar Submersible Pumpset are your go-to choice if you need a higher head to pump water/fluid to long distances, faraway tanks, higher altitudes, deep wells or for high-pressure irrigation. Listed below are features of AC Solar Submersible Pumpset.


AC Solar Submersible Pumpset are more powerful and can pump water to large distances and higher elevations. These pumps are more suitable for places where large volumes of water need to be pumped.


Since AC submersible pumps use higher voltages to operate, the diameter of the stator coil winding is thin, and the number of rotations is higher. Aluminium and/or copper are used for this purpose. Copper is a better conductor of electricity than aluminium, and therefore you should consider this before finalising the pump. Such pumps function at fixed speeds that are determined by the frequency of the AC power grid. AC Solar Submersible Motor is rewindable and also run on electricity when solar is not available.

Installation/ Safety

Standard AC wiring with appropriate safety measures is required for installation with grounding and circuit protection.

Efficiency/ Maintenance

AC Solar Submersible Pumpset are highly efficient and meant for rigorous use. AC Solar Submersible Pumpset require very little maintenance. But it is crucial to note that the maintenance will be higher if the stator coil winding is made up of aluminium. Overall they are highly reliable.

Applications of AC Solar submersible Pumpset

AC submersible pumps are used for a variety of applications, such as residential/commercial water supply, irrigation, mining and construction, waste/sewage treatment, industrial applications etc.

Advantages of AC Solar Submersible Pumpset

  • High power: Suitable for High long distance and high elevation pumping.
  • Cheaper: More efficient at an affordable price in comparison to competing DC pumps.
  • Maintenance: Lower maintenance and easily available maintenance services.
  • Functionality: It has multiple use cases ranging from residential use to agriculture, commercial and industrial applications.

DC Solar Submersible Pumpset

DC Solar submersible pump is a viable and competent alternative to the AC Solar submersible pump in remote areas where the AC power grid is unavailable or unreliable. It can also be used in areas where safety is a priority, as most DC Motors operate below the human safety voltage of 36v. These pumps are also your go-to choice if energy conservation is important to you.

Distance/ Elevation

DC Solar submersible Pumpset are suited for low-flow applications where water needs to be pumped at a small distance or less elevation, depending on the model and use.


Pure copper wires are used to construct the motor coils in most DC Motor. This allows for better conduction of electricity, and there is negligible wear and tear. In DC Solar Motor we use high grade Magnet for smooth operation.

Efficiency/ Maintenance

These motors are highly efficient at controlling the flow of water. DC pumps have fewer electrical components in comparison to their AC counterparts, making them less vulnerable to electrical surges/failures. Limited service in remote locations should be taken into consideration before making a purchase. The performance of DC Solar Submersible Pumpset is higher as compare with AC Solar Submersible Pumpset in clear sunny day.

Installation/ Safety

Low-voltage wiring is used in the installation of DC pumps for safety when powered by batteries or solar power.

Applications of DC Solar Submersible Pumpset

DC can serve as a viable option for off-grid water pumps, solar power water systems and other applications where AC is not available. DC is also the only option out there when you need variable speed control to regulate the flow of water. It is also being used widely for small-scale agriculture, ponds, fountains and watering livestock.

Advantages of DC Submersible Pumps

  • Precise control: Offers precise control over flow and torque.
  • Operating cost: Works at low voltage resulting in lower power consumption.
  • Wear & tear: Pure copper in the motor coil prevents any wear and tear.
  • Functionality: Used in remote & off-grid locations and also where control over the flow is a prerequisite.
  • Noise: makes very little noise in comparison to AC counterparts
  • Performance: Better performance as compare to AC in working hours in Solar.

Both AC and DC Solar Submersible Pumpset s have their advantages and disadvantages, depending upon their use. It is recommended that you get in touch with a professional engineer to discuss your requirements and get a recommendation on what pump will suit your needs. Get in touch here: https://www.unnatipumps.com/request-a-quote/