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Preventive Maintenance for Submersible Pump

Preventive Maintenance of Submersible Pumps

Every machine needs proper maintenance to work smoothly and have a long life. While the requirement linked to the servicing may differ, ensuring the adoption of preventive measures can increase the life of any machine. The same applies to the Submersible Pumps.

But what are submersible pumps? In the simplest terms, this is an air-tight sealed motor close-attached to the pump body. The biggest benefit of using these pumps is that they save a lot of energy and are highly efficient.

The electrically equipped pumps are used in deep water bodies for drawing water from wells, sewages, pools, irrigation, industrial pumping, deep well drilling, oil pumping, and even draining water from flood-prone areas. Being a versatile pump, it is crucial to know the expert way to handle it and the preventive measures to safeguard them from damage.

So, let us understand the most common preventive measures you can adopt for submersible pumps.

Preventive maintenance of the Submersible Pumps:

When using submersible pumps, you must adopt the right preventive measures to ensure longevity and better service quality. The most common preventive measures that you should adopt are as follows:

Pump lubrication:

Lubrication reduces friction and reduces the chances of wear and tear. It is important to keep the pumps properly lubricated; for the same, you can follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Also, one should ensure no over-greasing as it can damage the parts.

Checking for overheating:

Even though the pump is submerged under the fluid body, it is necessary to often check if it is overheated. Overheating can be caused when the pump is not properly working or even when there is more pressure on the pump due to conditions like lack of water in the well for pumping. Keeping a check on such issues can save you from massive repair costs.

Motor inspection:

Checking the working condition of the motor is crucial. Servicing the motor from time to time increases the efficiency and working of the pump. Also, a regular inspection will ensure that any damaged part is replaced on time that might cause issues in the future.

Seal and hose replacements:

As the seals get eroded over time, it is advised to change them regularly. Cleaning or replacing the hoses is also important as the deposit in the inner lining can cause corrosion or hassle with the normal working of the pump. If you notice signs of deterioration, replace the same at the earliest.

Check for noise:

Another important checkpoint is the noise of the pump. Stop operating the motor as soon as you hear a noise, and schedule a pump repair service immediately. If the pump is making noise, there may not be enough liquid in the tank, or a component may be clogged or ineffective.

Regular professional checks:

These checks are to be done following the scheduled checking advised by the manufacturer. The daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly protocols are to be strictly followed to have a well-functioning pump. Giving the professional care that the submersible pump deserves would save money, power, stress, and the machine itself.

Although these preventive measures can help greatly, regular professional service is quite important for the upkeep of the submersible pump. So, let us understand the top reasons that make the professional servicing of submersible pumps essential.

Why is Professional Service Crucial?

To ensure that the submersible pump work at its best, it is important to keep an eye out for red flags. Ensuring proper keep-up by adopting preventive measures is truly important, but at the same time, you would also need regular professional checks. The top reasons to go for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly professional checks are as follows:

  • Ensure the system is safe and undamaged by examining its physical state.
  • Look closely at the working of the impeller, seals, bearings, valves, and pump volute.
  • Analyze the wear and damage to the piping.
  • Check and resolve the issues linked with leaks or loud noise.
  • Inspect the floats and sump for cleanliness.
  • Verify the insulation, fuses, and functionality of electrical components to ensure they operate as intended.
  • Ensures that all the safety measures and alarms are in working condition.


No matter where you are using the submersible pump, you must follow the right preventive measures and maintenance guidelines to increase its life. While you can check the pump on your own, professional service will ensure complete and thorough analysis.

From checking the leaks to finding reasons for overheating and noise issues, professionals will check and give you the right solution to improve your submersible pump’s functionality. To keep your pump functionality at its best, you can connect with Unnati Pumps. Known for their quality pumps and service, they will offer you the best advice and the most professional service in the least time. Connect with their experts to get the best solutions for your submersible pumps.