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Submersible Pumps: Simple Troubleshooting Techniques

Submersible Pumps Troubleshooting Skills

Both liquids and tiny abrasives, such as sand, can be moved using submersible pumps, which are made to be either entirely or partially immersed under water. They do not need to be enclosed by structures and do not make noise above the surface. Electric submersible pumps are real workhorses that excel in storm-water drainage and flood control. Its design makes it simple to maintain and fix them if something goes wrong.

Many of us experience waterlogging in the basement or at work on a regular basis, and without a high-quality submersible pump on hand; hours of cleanup and water removal are constantly required. A combination of severe rain with a power outage is the most usual reason for a basement pump to overflow its basin, but it is not always that easy. Your basement may be spared from significant water damage if you comprehend how the pump functions and how to troubleshoot its many components.

The majority of people nowadays are sensible about keeping their surroundings tidy and free from flooding, but what should you do if something goes wrong with your water pump? Let us check.

Simple fixing techniques for your submersible pump:

Try to fix your submersible pump with these troubleshooting methods:

Tap to reset

The metal rods inside the borewell submersible pump sometimes require a little prodding to start themselves. Unplug the pump. Try to engage the mechanism after letting the device sit for a few minutes and plugging it back in. To activate the submersible pump, tap the discharge pipe exiting the pump pit. Simply wait and watch to see if this helps empty the pit without the need for repair. It may be stuck due to minor corrosion; tapping the line slightly will help.

Check the power source

If you have electricity in the house and still your submersible pump is not operating, then a blown fuse or tripped circuit may be responsible for it. Reset the breaker and replace the blown fuses if the pump is not operating because of a blown fuse. And if the new ones too start to blow again, the electrical installation and the submersible drop cable should be examined. Consider purchasing a battery backup system to keep the pump functioning in case of an electrical loss.

Restart the motor

Pull up on the float switch while you remove the basin’s lid. If you have already checked the power and reset the motor, and pulling the float switch also does not start the motor, then your pump may be experiencing mechanical failure.

Clear clogs

The submersible pump should be unplugged and taken out of the basin to check if it is clogged with dirt. Simply move the pieces carefully if there is any debris clogged up around or near the pump. Place the pump back in the basin if everything seems to be in order, then raise the float switch to make sure it is moving up and down correctly. Moreover, clear the debris or dust in the check valve, weep hole, impellers, basin, discharge line, etc.

Check the float switch

Since water can infiltrate into the plastic casing of the float switch through small cracks and punctures, inspect the float switch for any indications of wear and ensure that its bracket slides smoothly. You will need to replace your float switch if it cannot activate the pump.

Protect your overload protectors

The overload protectors in the pump can be tripping if they are placed in direct sunlight. Thus you should ventilate, cover or shade them. Your pump can be using improper voltage if you are utilizing temporary electricity while working on a construction site. To find out if this is the issue, examine the line terminals.

Bottom Line:

A major hassle can result from defective pumps, especially if you are not constantly around to keep an eye on things. Protecting your basement as well as your possessions and appliances downstairs may be worth the extra cost. And thus, it is necessary to regularly inspect the pump’s condition, perform maintenance and replace any broken parts. You should get your submersible pump checked out by a professional if the system does not function even after examining it by yourself. And if your pump is not functioning, it could also need more than a simple fix. Pumps require replacement when they deteriorate.

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