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What should you keep in mind while buying a Water Pump?

Buying a Water Pump

A water pump is an electromechanical device that raises water pressure so that it can be transported from one place to another. It is used in agriculture, municipal, industrial, residential and commercial sectors, such as schools, hospitals, homes, etc.

In sewage treatment plants, wastewater is also moved using water pumps. Contemporary water pumps are often powered by electricity, but they can also run on diesel or gasoline engines. Small pumps may be powered by solar panels in distant locations, like desert areas.

We should thank modern technology for facilitating the buying process by providing valuable information. Diverse types of pumps and brands are available in the market, and for that reason, clients should consider several aspects before buying water pumps.

In this blog, you can learn about various parameters to look out for while selecting a correct and reliable water pump as per your requirements.

List to Remember while Purchasing a Water Pump:-

1. Need for Water Pump:

You can identify the water pumps according to your necessity. For instance, if you require water pumps, especially for domestic purposes, then you can go for the borewell submersible pumps or ask any pump dealer.

2. Maximum Head:

The maximum head of a pump refers to the greatest depth or gap the water can be drawn from. As water depth or distance increases, the pulling capability will also decrease until it reaches zero once the maximum depth is attained.

Before purchasing a water pump, consumers should keep in mind that the maximum head must always be a little bit greater than the water depth because, in most circumstances, the water depth will not be consistent.

3. Discharge Capacity of the Pumps:

All water pumps, regardless of kind, are quantified by discharge capacity. It indicates the flow rate and force of the water being pumped through it. Typically, it begins with the letter “Q” and is expressed in LPS (liter per second). It is advised to select a pump with a higher discharge if you need to draw more water quickly.

4. Vertical Suction Lift:

You may determine the straight-up distance between your pump and the source using the vertical suction lift. This is crucial to know if you are preferring up a water pump to drain a pond or a flooded underground room, so you can be sure the distance is sufficient to get the water to the pump for discharge.

5. Size of Inlet Pipe:

The size of a pump’s inlet pipe affects how much water it can take in. Smaller inlet pipes can only move a comparably smaller volume of water than bigger inlet pipes on a pump with the same capacity.

6. Size of Operation:

While selecting the water pumps, you need to deliberate on the site, size, and distance of the operation. You do not want your water pumps to forestall their function due to the short hose length. Determining these above factors can assist in recognizing the water pumps that you require.

7. Quality of Water Pump:

The brand is among the first and most crucial factors that you should take into account. A reputable company will sell you one, and the motor will be of excellent quality. You can utilize the internet to look up the top water pump manufacturers in India.

You can also check the BEE Star Label, issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India. The energy efficiency of the appliances is rated using this star mark, which is found on many electrical appliances, on a scale of up to 5.

Consumers should always examine the labeling period because star ratings are occasionally changed. Brand, type, rated power, head, discharge, speed, number of stages, minimum bore size, and voltage are all included on the BEE star label for water electric pumps.

Ending Note:

I hope the above points can help you purchase the perfect water pump that is suited to your requirements. If you are looking for water pumps for your domestic, agricultural, or any other application, then we can help you out. Unnati Pumps offers durable, affordable, and superior quality water pumps. We guarantee you that our water pumps are high performing with low energy consumption. Contact us now.