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Water Pump Replacement: 5 Signs to Look For

Water Pump Replacement

An efficient pump is essential for a consistent supply of fresh and clean water. As such, proper maintenance of your pump is necessary for long durability and overall functionality. Only regular maintenance can save large expenses and minimize the possibility of malfunctioning. However, you need to call an expert, well-pump technician if you observe the following five signs.

5 Signs That Indicate You Need a Water Pump Replacement:

High-quality water pumps are built to provide years of satisfying service. It is one of the main advantages of choosing a top-rated branded machine. But users have to check the conditions of their water pump by observing the quality and flow of water intermittently. Some users ignore signs of water pump replacement and then encounter serious troubles. If a pump suddenly stops discharging water, it can cause drinking water supply issues, irrigation issues, or disrupt industrial operations. Look for the following vital signs to know when to replace the submersible pump.

Reduced water pressure:

If you observe the water pressure decreasing day by day, it is a sign that the pump is not working efficiently. The water pressure may decrease gradually, and you may notice it too late. This problem occurs when the water pump fails to draw sufficient water from the source.

Lower-capacity pumps also fail to draw sufficient water to fill large reservoirs. Your water usage may increase, and that may also cause a lack of water pressure problem. Cracks and holes in the pump can also reduce its performance, or iron bacteria may be responsible.

Whatever the cause may be, you should take steps to replace the old bore well pump. A new pump will operate effectively to discharge sufficient water for the household, irrigation, or industrial usage.

Motor is overheating:

Motor overheating is one of the most common issues with old water pumps. It can suddenly damage the pump, and then it will completely stop discharging water. Pump motors can overheat due to inadequate cooling.

If a submersible pump’s output delivery does not match the groundwater inflow, it will cause an overheating problem. The motor will get damaged, and then you may need to replace the pump immediately. Poor-quality pumps have low-level flow protection. They do not draw a sufficient amount of water to prevent motor overheating. Therefore, those machines have a lower service span.

If you replace the old pump with a high-quality electric water pump, it can discharge enough water to meet your daily clean water needs. You will not worry about overheating issues and will get water consistently.

Red or yellowish water:

Does the faucet water turn red or yellow when stored in a container? It occurs due to iron oxidation, and that is another major sign of water pump failure. Iron bacteria and iron orientation can cause serious damage to a submersible motor pump.

When iron bacteria contamination occurs, water pump components start corroding. This issue can trigger pump failure, and ordinary pumps are not built to prevent the iron contamination issue. Unnati Pumps provide top-performing machines that can prevent this issue for years.

Yellowish or reddish water indicates your water pump is severely damaged, and you should not waste money on pump maintenance. Invest in a high-quality pump manufactured by one of India’s top submersible pump brands. You will get long-lasting service and never worry about water contamination.

Water faucets are spitting air:

Do your water faucets discharge air before water? It may occur due to air bubbles coming out of water pipes. The pump is pulling in the air instead of pulling up water. This is due to failing to draw the water from the source, which is a sign of water pump failure.

There might be a crack in the borewell pipe, or well water pumps are too old to draw water. Look for other signs of failure and then replace both the piping and the water pump.

Excess power consumption:

Old submersible pumps heat up and make weird noises. Electricity bills get pretty expensive due to running the old and damaged pump for hours. You should not pay expensive bills when a new pump can help you save power while working pretty efficiently. Buy a new water pump if your power bills get more expensive. It will give you a more efficient service and save you a lot of money.

Final Thoughts:

There might be issues with the submersible water motor, pipes, or other components of the pump. Hence, water pumps consistently indicate that you need a new replacement. Ignoring those signs is not a wise decision, especially when you rely solely on that pump.

Unnati Pumps has years of experience in manufacturing high-quality submersible pumps for domestic, industrial, agricultural, and residential uses. Contact us for any inquiry regarding the submersible pump.