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Exporting Quality Submersible Pumps and Motors Globally

A global exporter of submersible pumps & motors

Unnati Pumps is a notable submersible pump manufacturer and vendor with a world footprint, distributing to over 50 countries. The company’s product range comprises high-quality submersible pumps, submersible motors, open-well monoblock pumps, surface pumps, minuscule monoblock pumps, solar pumps, control displays, subterranean cables, and uPVC column pipelines. With over 50 years of industry experience, Unnati Pumps is dedicated to being at the top of submersible pump trends and innovations globally. The company’s foreign displays and network underscore its devotion to providing top-quality items abroad.

The Features and Specifications of Unnati Pumps’ Products:

  • Cast iron submerged pumps: Cast iron submerged pumps are aiming for heavy-duty execution and life span, with a capacity of up to 2000 LPM and a head of up to 300 meters. They are perfect for various applications such as horticulture, building, open water supply, etc.
  • Stainless steel submarine pumps: Stainless steel submarine are corrosion-resistant and fabulous for consumable water supply, with a capacity of up to 1400 LPM and a head of up to 450 meters.
  • Noryl Submersible pumps: Noryl Submersible pumps lightweight, energy-efficient pumps have a 100-meter head and a 225-litre capacity. In expansion to being resistant to debasement and rust, they hold solid electrical and hydrolytic powers.
  • Submersible engines:These engines are water-cooled and water-lubricated, with a control extend of 0.5 HP to 150 HP and a voltage run of 200 V to 440 V. They are persevering, dependable, and direct to reactivate and repair.

Quality standards and approvals of Unnati Pumps

  • ISO certification: Unnati Pumps is an ISO-acknowledged company that creates high-quality, high-performance, and top-quality underwater pumps and motors. They acquired the International Quality System Certification IS/ISO 9002:94 in August 1995.
  • BIS certification: Unnati Pumps received the Certificate Mark License of the Bureau of Indian Standards for 100-mm, 150-mm, and 200-mm submersible pump sets. This denotes that their items correspond to the Indian standards criteria.
  • Other certifications: Unnati Pumps has also achieved various other certifications and accreditations from different authorities and agencies, such as the 5-Star Energy certificate, CE (European Conformity) certificate, Central Railway certification, GEDA (Gujarat Energy Development Agency) certification, etc.

Choosing Unnati Pumps as a global transport partner has the following advantages:

  • Affordable price: Unnati Pumps provides reasonable prices for its underwater pumps and motors, without sacrificing the quality and performance. They have an open pricing method that reacts to the desires and expenditures of various customers and markets.
  • Rapid delivery: Unnati Pumps promises swift delivery of its submersible pumps and motors to its clients around the world. They offer a well-established shipping network and a trained export team that manages the export process simply and effectively.
  • After-sales service: Unnati Pumps gives extraordinary after-sales benefits to its clients, including establishment, support, repair, and ensure. They have a qualified and experienced team that’s accessible 24/7 to back clients with any issues or concerns.

Global Export Strategy

Unnati Pumps, a celebrated submersible pump producer and seller, incorporates a solid position around the world. The company’s enthusiasm for giving high-quality things is obvious in its ISO acknowledgement and its centre on creating top-quality pumps, engines, and related hardware. Unnati Pumps routinely takes part in universal appears to display its unique plans and cutting-edge innovation, in this manner amplifying its around-the-world reach and affirming its position as a beat worldwide supplier.

Submersible Pump Market Trends

The submersible pump market plays a vital function in numerous sectors such as mining, water and waste control, and oil and gas. This export market segment is distinguished by its highly technological nature. Unnati Pumps has garnered popularity due to its great manufacturing skills and the sale of high-quality pumps. The market is fairly competitive, with a focus on creativity and wise partnerships to suit the desires of a rising client base.

Quality and Innovation

Unnati Pumps is committed to producing top-quality and high-performance underwater pumps and motors. The company’s original ideas, superior production skills, and attention to client satisfaction have set it as a famous and trusted submersible pump manufacturer and provider. Unnati Pumps’ focus on quality and innovation is noticeable in its extensive product range, foreign presence, and involvement in global shows, demonstrating its devotion to providing excellent items worldwide.

Wrapping Up

Unnati Pumps is a manufacturer and seller of underwater pumps and motors that are suitable for varied purposes. Their items are high-quality, high-performance, and top-grade, and they follow the greatest quality standards and approvals.

Their consumers are delighted with their products and services. Unnati Pumps is a reputed name for submersible pumps and motors, and they provide reasonable prices, rapid transportation, and after-sales support. Contact Unnati Pumps now for your submersible pump and motor requirements.