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We are India based submersible pump manufacturer exporting our product across the world, bringing along years of expertise, innovation, and a great global network. From the first day of our journey, we have been successful in providing customer-centric and the finest quality service to our clients. That’s why we have become the pioneer submersible pump manufacturers in India.

We use sophisticated technology and modern manufacturing units in order to provide our clients with durable ‘International Submersible Motor/Pump’ and ‘Domestic Submersible Motor/Pump’. At present, our product range of pumps is from 75 mm (3”) to 250 mm (10”) in size and the power ranges from 0.5-150 hp.

Our well pumps are made of

  • Impeller
  • Diffuser
  • Cable guard
  • Submersible electric cable

Why Choose Unnati Pumps for Submersible Pumps?

  • Finest quality materials are used in manufacturing.
  • Virgin copper is used in stator windings to ensure minimum loss of power.
  • Thrust bearings can handle different thrust loads due to their robust design.
  • Shafts made of finest quality stainless steel ensure smooth performance of pump-set.
  • Stainless steel jackets protect motors from water.

Applications of Submersible Pump

Well water pumps have always been a necessity in some regions of India due to the lack of sufficient rainfall, scattered rainfall patterns and insufficient water sources. In this scenario, it is necessary to extract the groundwater using a Borewell Submersible Pump. This type of pump remains submerged in water whilst being sealed in an air-tight manner.

Our Borewell pumps can be used for

  • Groundwater extraction in large quantity
  • Farm irrigation
  • Water extraction for firefighting
  • Deep well drilling
  • Water supply to various residential and industrial buildings
  • Sewage handling systems

A borewell pump is put inside a cylindrical hole (bore) dug in the earth. It can convert an impeller’s rotary energy into the kinetic force of water in order to lift the water up to the ground. After being sucked into the pump, the water is lifted via an impeller’s rotation through a diffuser.

Factors to Consider while Buying Submersible Pumps

Size of Borewell

A Borewell’s size is the diameter of the hole that is dug in the ground in order to put a pump. It is possible to place a pump with a lesser outer diameter in comparison to a Borewell’s size. However, a pump will not fit if the outer diameter is higher than a Borewell’s size.


It is the height to which a submersible pump can lift the groundwater. A customer has to select the correct model of pump based upon the size of the house and the water table of the area where a pump will be installed. TDH (Total Dynamic Head) is calculated by adding the head length, pumping level, drop-pipe friction loss and check-valve friction. It is measured in feet or meters.

Delivery Size/Outlet

It is the diameter of the pipe that is used in order to discharge the water from the pump. This diameter is measured in inches or millimetres. It has to match the size of the pipe that is connected to the storage tank.

Discharge Rate

It is the volume of water (measured in litre/minute or hour) that can be pumped by a Borewell submersible pump per minute. A pump of large discharge capacity will be required in a large area.


All of our pumps come with an efficiency chart. Selecting the correct stages of a pump based on its head and motor rating is essential for maximum efficiency.

Cooling System

Through us, you will find pumps fitted with water-filled motors or oil-filled motors. The water is used as a coolant in a water-filled motor which can be refilled infinite times. The coolant cannot be replenished in oil-based motors; however, it is economic.

Construction Material

A product’s durability depends largely upon the construction material. The pumps made of Noryl impeller and CI motor body are the most durable in the collection.

Advantages of Submersible Pumps

  • No Need for Priming: These pumps need not be primed as they remain submerged in water. It also prevents any possibility of an air bubble in the pump set which may damage a pump’s inner lining.
  • Better Efficiency: These pumps can extract water from the source without requiring a lot of power. The movement of water in the pump is accelerated by the water pressure.
  • Anytime Function: Borewell pumps extract water out of the earth. Hence, you need not worry about filling the storage tank at certain hours of the day. The pump can be switched on at any time.
  • NRV (Non-Return Valve): Our pumps are fitted with this valve which prevents the backflow of water. We have both single-phase and three-phase models based upon a motor’s rating.

We advise you to properly install a pump inside a bore. A pump will become overheated if it is not enclosed by water and this will reduce a product’s longevity.

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Unnati Pumps is a well-known water pump supplier, providing a large collection of well water pumps that are capable of satisfying the varying needs of different clients.

Product Range of Our Pumps

Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

All our products are known for durability and high performance. However, no other material can withstand the brunt of acid, solvent, seawater and other chemicals as effectively as stainless steel.

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Cast Iron Submersible Pumps

We bring a collection of durable and high-performance cast iron submersible pumps to cater to our clients’ varying needs.

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Noryl Submersible Pumps

With high stiffness and excellent tensile as well as flexural strength, Noryl is an ideal choice of material when manufacturing durable and efficient submersible pumps.

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