8” Cast iron Submersible Pumps

We offer energy-efficient, high-quality and affordable 8” cast iron submersible pumps. Our v8 product is one of the best performing and on-demand submersible pump models among the clients. We are proud to say that our submersible pumps come with the star-marked energy efficient certificate by Bureau Energy Efficient (BEE).

Our pumps have a stainless steel starter shell which prevents corrosion, protects the motor from sand, superior-quality seal rings, and withstand the abrasive environment. Our product is highly used in water supply, irrigation, civil, industrial and fire fighting applications. All rotary components in our 8” cast iron submersible pumps, such as motor rotors and impellers, are dynamically balanced by ISO standards.

For more information about our durable and cost-efficient 8” cast iron submersible pumps, you can contact our professionals on the given enquiry details on the website.

Cast Iron Submersible Pumps
Performance Range Description / Moc Downloads

Performance Range

  • Power Range

    5.5 kW- 55.0 kW (7.5 HP -75.0 HP)

  • Speed

    2900 RPM, 50Hz, AC Supply

  • Version

    Three Phase 250-415V

  • Maximum Total Head

    395 Meter

  • Discharge Range (LPM)

    80-3250 LPM

  • Maximum Stage

    Up to 20 Stage

  • Normal Outlet Size

    80,100,125 & 150 mm

  • Degree of Protection

    IP 68

  • Maximum Outer Diameter

    196 mm

  • Direction of Rotation

    Three phase- Electrically Reversible -3ph

  • Minimum Cooling Flow Along The Motor

    0.15 m/sec

  • Type of Duty


  • Method of Starting

    Star Delta (SD)

  • Maximum Starts Per Hour

    10 times

Salient Features

Star marked energy efficient models certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

Radial & Mixed flow impeller design for variable conditions.

Noise free operation.

High quality water-resistant PVC insulated winding wire for longer life.

Specially designed thrust bearing.

Easily rewindable.

Specially designed thrust bearing.

High quality seal rings & sand guards to protect motor from sand.

Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensures minimum vibrations and longer life.

Stainless steel stator shell to prevent rust formation.

Special LTB-4 & Nitrile rubber bearing bushes for high wear & tear resistance and longer life.

8” Cast Iron Submersible Pumps 50 Hz


8″ Cast Iron Submersible Pumps Performance Table


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