Vertical Multi-Stage Open Well Pumpset

High water discharge rates and reduced power consumption are obtained by Unnati Pumps’ vertical multi-stage open well pump sets which have high operational efficiency. For its effective and consistent operation, these vertical multistage cast iron open well pump sets are made under stringent quality control.

There is a three-phase, water-filled, submersible induction motor within, and a stator that can be easily rewindable. This pump is coupled to motors for maximum water outflow and it is known for its great performance and durability. It has thrust bearings with a suitable capacity and well-designed sleeves for extended life.

Further characteristics of vertical open-well pump sets include ease of installation, noiselessness, efficiency, and minimal maintenance and supervision requirements. They can be used for a variety of commercial and agricultural purposes, pumping water from deep or shallow open wells, high-rise building water supply, community water supply from open wells, Drip irrigation systems, etc.

Open Well Monoblock Pumps
Performance Range Description / Moc Downloads

Performance Range

Flow range:- 9.0 to 72 M3/h

Power range :- 3.7 kw to 15.0 Kw

Head range:- 16 Mtr to 100 Mtr

Salient Features

Star Marked Energy Efficient Models certified by Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE).

Noise Free Operation

Durable and Sand resistive

High quality Insulated winding wire for longer life

Fully Powder coated C.I Components for better Corrosion Prevention

Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensures minimum vibrations and longer life

No Suction and Priming Problem

Easily rewindable

Vertical Multistage Openwell Pumpset 50 Hz


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