Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps

Unnati Pumps’ Centrifugal Monoblock pumps are built with compact pumping systems that have the benefits of placing the prime mover and pump jointly on the same shaft. Better insulating materials are used during the manufacturing of these pumps so that they can withstand a large temperature rise.

They can be used for irrigation, farming, house water supply, cooling water circulation systems, etc.

Surface Water Pumps
Performance Range Description / Moc Downloads

Power Range

0.5Hp to 2.0Hp

0.37kWto 1.50kW

Single Phase

Salient Features

Aesthetic Looks

Withstand Wide Voltage Fluctuations

High Suction Lift Up 7.5 Meters

Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) To Prevents Motor Burning

TEFC Capacitor Start & Run Motor With ‘B’ Class Insulation

High Quality Extruded Aluminium Body

Operating Voltage Range From 140v-240v 50Hz

Light Weight For Easy Handling

Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps 50 Hz


Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps Performance Chart


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