4” Oil Lubricated Stainless-Steel Motors (50/60 Hz)

Unnati UO4 series submersible motors are ideal for water-wells of 4-inches or larger diameter. Fitted with premium ball-bearing it ensures consistent performance and durability. For robust stator winding it’s fitted with enamelled copper (class H) wire. The high-end carbon/ceramic mechanical shaft seal or oil-seal made of Nitrile rubber to ensure flawless sealing. To protect motor against fluctuating pressure and volume, the motor is fitted with pressure-equalizing rubber diaphragm. Shaft seals, ‘O’ rings and sand guards prevent the ingress of pollutants and well-water and leakage of lubricant. The operating cost of 4 inch Oil Lubricated Stainless Steel Motors is low due to high-efficiency electrical design and it’s useful for irrigation, pressure-boosting units, industrial water supply, fountains, drip/sprinkler systems, and gardening/horticulture.

Submersible Motors
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Unnati Oil Submersible Motor Lubricated & Cooled by Non-Toxic, Eco- Friendly Fluid of high di-electric Strength

Lubricated Ball Bearing for trouble Free Long lasting Operation.

Shaft Extension Made of Stainless Steel AISI 420

Mechanical Shaft Seal (Carbon/Ceramic) Provided.

High efficiency electrical design for lower operating cost.

Pressure Compensation diaphragm

All single Phase Motors require Control Box

Single Phase Motors are Capacitor start Capacitor run (CSCR) & Capacitor Start Run (CSR).

Variety and Range

Flow Range : 1.56 to 18.0 M3/h

Head Range : 20 to 300 Meter

Ratings : 0.37 Kw to 3.7 Kw (Single Phase) & 0.75 kw to 7.5 kw (Three Phase)

Rating Speed : 2850 RPM

Technical Specification / Material of Construction

Upper and Lower Housing & motor base : Graded C.I Casting with Epoxy Paint

Motor Base: Noryl GTX – 30% Glass Filled

Stator Shell : Stainless steel

Motor Shaft : S.S 420

Winding Wire : Enameled copper insulation class- H

Degree of Protection : IP 68

Max oil Temperature : 50’C

Nos. of Start per Hour : Max 20 at regular intervals

Voltage variation : +6% / -10% at rated voltage

High Dielectric strength non- toxic fluid

Max depth immersion : 300 meter

Motor Cable Length : 3.0mtr(3 core/ 4 core )

Maximum Outer Dia : 98 mm

4” Oil Lubricated Stainless-Steel Motors 50 Hz