3” Noryl Submersible Pumps

The 3-inch Noryl submersible pumps from Unnati Pumps are manufactured with appropriate fluid dynamics for optimal effectiveness. Our Noryl pumps have outstanding operational efficiency leading to high water discharge rates and minimal power consumption.

These pumps are made using glass-filled Noryl impellers of the highest quality. The pump sets are small, sleek, and simple to install in shallow wells. The pump casing and shaft are made from stainless steel.

Noryl Submersible Pumps
Performance Range Description / Moc Downloads

Performance Range

  • Power Range

    0.37 kW – 1.1 kW (0.50 HP – 1.5 HP)

  • Speed

    2850 RPM, 50Hz, AC Supply

  • Version

    Single Phase 160-240V

  • Maximum Total Head

    106 Meter

  • Discharge Range (LPM)

    20-89 LPM

  • Maximum Stage

    Up to 28 Stage

  • Normal Outlet Size

    25,32 mm

  • Degree of Protection

    IP 68

  • Maximum Outer Diameter

    75 mm

  • Direction of Rotation

    Single Phase – Counter clockwise from driving

  • Minimum Cooling Flow Along The Motor

    0.15 m/sec

  • Type of Duty

    S1 (Continuous)

  • Method of Starting

    1 Phase – Capacitor Starting Capacitor Running (CSCR)

  • Maximum starts per hour

    15 times

Salient Features

Light weight and easy to install.

Noise free operation.

Radial Flow impeller design for variable conditions.

High quality insulated winding wire for longer life.

Impellers and diffusers of high quality engineering polymer (Glass filled).

Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensures minimum vibrations and longer life.

Designed for wide voltage fluctuations.

Better efficiency and consistent performance ensures low operation cost.

Easily rewindable.

3” Noryl Submersible Pumps 50 Hz


3″ Noryl Pumpset Performance Table


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