6” Water Lubricated Stainless Steel Motors (50/60 Hz)

Unnati UW6 series 6” stainless-steel submersible motor is perfect for water-wells of 6-inch or larger diameter. It has a motor pre-filled with a mixture of anti-corrosion fluid and clean water. Its shaft extension and stator shell are made from stainless steel. Fitted with water-lubricated radial and thrust bearings, its pressure-compensation diaphragm protects the motor from fluctuating pressures and volume that could lead to damage, otherwise. On request, mechanical seals can be added. 6 inch Water Lubricated Stainless Steel Motors can be used for pressure-boosting units, mining industry, industrial water supply, irrigation, oil-and-gas industries, firefighting, de-watering, residential purposes, fountains, drip/sprinkler systems, and gardening/horticulture.

Submersible Motors
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Unnati Submersible Motor are robust rewindable and pre – filled with clean water mixed with non-toxic eco-friendly anti-corrosion fluid

Fully Stainless Steel Component

Water Lubricated Radial and Thrust Bearing.

Shaft Extension Made of Stainless Steel AISI 420

High efficiency electrical design for lower operating cost.

Stator shell with corrosion resistant stainless steel

Pressure Compensation diaphragm

Variety and Range

Flow Range : 6.8 to 72 M3/h

Head Range : 14 Meter to 360 Meter

Ratings : 4.0 Kw to 45 Kw

Rating Speed : 2900 RPM

Technical Specification / Material of Construction


Connecting Piece : S.S Casting

Upper and lower Housing : Graded C.I Casting

Motor base : S.S Casting

Stator Shell : S.S 304

Motor Shaft : S.S 420

Winding wire : Poly Propylene or PVC insulated

Degree of Protection : IP 68

Max Water Temperature : 50’C

Nos. of Start per Hour : Max 20 at regular intervals

Voltage variation : +6% / -10% at rated voltage

Max depth immersion : 500 meter

Motor Cable Length : 3.0mtr(3 core/4 core )

Maximum Outer Dia : 142 mm

6″ Water Lubricated Stainless Steel Motors 50 Hz